Meet The Boomer Girls

Who do we turn to for guidance and insight when we are dealing with new life situations? Each other, of course. The boomer girls are midlife women who share their stories with us on their blog—Define How You Age.

The Boomer Girls-CarolineCaroline. A Boomer Girl’s Cooking Blog.

Caroline is single, has a dog, and loves to cook. She enjoys exchanging recipes and invites you to join her on her quest for a healthy but enjoyable lifestyle.








The boomer girls-BellaBella. A Boomer Girl’s Coping Blog.

Bella is a widow. She learned how to cope during the crisis period right after her husband’s death. She will share her experiences and tell us how she was able to move forward and grow into the wise and strong woman she is today.






The boomer girls-LeslieLeslie. A Boomer Girl’s Fashion Guide

Leslie understands style and elegance. It is reflected in her home, her clothes, and most definitely in her attitude. She believes that midlife is the perfect time to create your own signature look. She will talk about ways to pull together and convey your own style with panache.







The boomer girls-MarieMarie. A Boomer Girl’s Travel Guide

Marie recently retired from a lifelong career in education. She and her husband now spend much of their time traveling. She has some wonderful stories to share with us about her excellent adventures both near and far.








The boomer girls-ClaireClaire. A Boomer Girl’s Media Blog

Claire met the other boomer girls at a book club meeting. They quickly became friends and she is now a beloved boomer girl herself. She did not find joy through marriage until later in life. It is true that sometimes you have to kiss several frogs before you find your prince. Claire shares her secrets for finding and creating your own happiness and her reviews on books, movies, and art.




The boomer girls-GracieGracie. A¬†Boomer Girl’s Pet Stories Blog
The day I got adopted was the best day of my life. I will tell you about the day that Caroline came to the shelter to adopt me. Now the boomer girls are my forever family. There are a lot of pets out there that need a lot of help. I will share their stories with you.



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